Thursday, November 29, 2012

App OPSWAT Security Score to evaluate the safety of your PC

OPSWAT Security Score - a free tool that allows you to quickly and easily assess the current level of protection for your computer. After performing rapid and accurate scanning of system you can rest easy knowing that your PC is able to withstand the current threats. If the test results will be less comforting, the program will provide detailed recommendations to address vulnerabilities in the defense.

The application boasts a maximum ease of use. In particular you will not have to spend too much time setting up the parameters. The user only has to run the application, the proposed program to the terms of service (which OPSWAT Security Score honestly warns of gathering statistical information about the used remedies), and click the «Start». After that, in a matter of seconds, the program will analyze your system's security in seven key areas (protection from viruses and phishing, secure file transfers, data backup, manage patches and updates, data encryption and firewall) and display the accurate estimate.

To decrypt the estimates and more information you can flip by sector is shown on screen chart. For example, the reviewers site BetaNews reported that their test system received 20 out of 20 possible points in the category of 'backup' (the computer was found two relevant product Windows Backup and Macrium Reflect). But the available encryption were rated a 5 out of 10. May reduce the assessment facilitated by the fact that the protective mechanism Bitlocker was disabled at the time of inspection.

OPSWAT's Security Score is a portable application that does not require installation on your hard disk. Thus, a useful tool can be used to scan and evaluate multiple systems. For example, you can make sure that a laptop belonging to your children are properly protected against viruses and identity theft.

Perhaps experienced users slightly disappointed not highly customizable. However, for beginners it is a little "flaw" would be a definite plus.

Application resides in the beta stage and is running 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8. A copy of the OPSWAT Security Score Beta is a free download from the developer -

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