Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Symantec: Norton antivirus 2013

Symantec introduced the updated line of antiviruses "Norton 2013"

The proposed version of the products boast a new interface that is optimized for the operating system Windows 8, as well as an impressive array of new features.

Symantec has announced new versions of the products Norton Anti-Virus 2013, Norton Internet Security 2013 and Norton 360 2013. These popular applications, addressed to ordinary users, provide reliable protection for home computers from a wide range of Internet threats.

Mechanism Scam Insight makes your stay by a global network of extremely safe and warn of potentially dangerous and malicious websites. The necessary information is extracted from the online database Norton Insight Network, which brings in the filling with thousands of community members. In the category of suspicious resources also will include all new sites.

Attention is invited to an improved system intrusion Norton Intrusion Prevention System. A mechanism Norton Safe Web for Facebook will allow users to safely visit popular social network and block go to links to malicious sites. Another major innovation is the integration of applications with a mechanism Norton 2013 ELAM (Early Launch of Anti-Malware), first introduced in Windows 8. This development provides antivirus running before the operating system, thus ensuring reliable protection of your computer from the "rootkit" and other modern types of threats.

Norton 2013 products are different from previous versions of enhanced performance, including members noted the reduced start-up time and end it. And the owners of portable devices probably will like the reduced battery consumption.

Norton AntiVirus 2013 is installed on the same computer and ensure its safe operation for a full year for just $ 39.99. Package Norton Internet Security, valued at U.S. $ 79.9 take under the protection of up to three home computers. And if you feel the need for additional protective mechanisms, look for Norton 360, valued at 89.99 dollars.

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