Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Anonymous Hacks Siemens and Fujitsu Websites

Anonymous Hacks Siemens and Fujitsu Websites in Operation Coltan

 Members of the hacker group Anonymous leaked online data stolen from compromised database of Siemens and Swiss Brazilian unit Fujitsu. Hackers have published a lot of information, in particular names and passwords stolen from databases hosted on the website.

According to experts, according to the information that hackers posted online PrivatePaste, for hacking sites have been re-used vulnerabilities that can embed SQL-code. In addition, it is noted that, based on published data, hackers can not access to highly confidential information. The data allegedly stolen from the site of Siemens, contain non-critical information on the website as well as information on the main site database. Data stolen from the site of Fujitsu, include a short message, an active link, as well as several accounts site administrators and their assistants. All passwords were apparently forced.

In a statement released along with the stolen data, said that hacking and Fujitsu Siemens are part of the operation Coltan (OpColtan), against large corporations that use in the manufacture of its products, in particular mobile phones, the mineral coltan, having a negative impact on human health.

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