Thursday, September 6, 2012

AVG releases a new line of anti-virus programs

AVG anti-virus and Internet Security Software 2013

AVG anti-virus company today announced an updated line of its products, saying that new items are fully compatible with Windows 8, support the touch screen, offer rapid scanning system and a new interface. Recall that the AVG product line includes both paid products for business users and small businesses, as well as free home programs.

The most comprehensive and expensive anti-virus package AVG Premium Security 2013 comes with a firewall system predictive scanning hyperlinks on the Internet, anti-spam, anti-spyware and a new system, which protects the user from possible hacking wireless networks. A little less than a full set of Internet Security 2013 has about the same thing, except for the "advanced control systems of privacy."

Of the new opportunities that have emerged in the product, can provide support for technology Do Not Track, which allows users to block some of the requested remote servers on the information, not to transfer social networks, advertising systems and other platforms too much user data. Note that the latest generation of browsers also have the support of Do Not Track, but in this case, it is only "standard" - that is, if the remote server supports it voluntarily, whereas the AVG this technology works by force - that is, even when the remote server "quietly" trying to request private data, or track user movements on websites.

In addition, AVG reported that the new generation of products for about 35% faster scan your system for malware and has a 11% smaller size of its own files, taking up less space on your computer. In addition to this, a new product line added four new products for mobile protection: AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android, AVG AntiVirus Pro for Android and AVG Family Safety for iOS and Windows Phone.

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