Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trojan for Linux and Mac OS X

Trojan for Linux and Mac OS X steals passwords

Trojan keylogger has the functions and steals passwords typed by the user in almost all popular browsers.

Experts of "Doctor Web" found Trojan-oriented operating systems Linux and Mac OS X. The activities of malware is to steal passwords from some of the most popular Internet applications. Experts note that BackDoor.Wirenet.1 is the first of its kind with a similar Trojan functionality, which also works in the listed operating systems.

At present it is not known how exactly the distributed malware detection, which is a backdoor.

After starting on the user's system, the Trojan creates a copy in the user's home directory. To interact with the command server located at, the malware uses the encryption algorithm Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

BackDoor.Wirenet.1 can record keystrokes and send the data to malicious users. In addition, the Trojan steals passwords with a user types in a web-browsers, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, and passwords from applications Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Pidgin.

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