Sunday, August 26, 2012

Apple Vs Samsung, Jury finds in favour of Apple

Samsung was ordered to pay Apple $1.05-billion (U.S.)

Federal court in San Jose, California, awarded by Samsung to pay 1.05 billion dollars to Apple for illegal use of its software patents and design of smartphones.

The conflict between Apple and Samsung in the mobile phone industry is the most resonant as the sum of the claims, and as a legal precedent.

U.S. court in San Jose, Calif., to disassemble the patent dispute between Samsung and Apple, ruled that the South Korean company copied the technology used to create the iPhone and iPad. Coglasno court, Samsung will have to pay compensation in the Apple 1.05 billion.

Note that the fine was less than the amount required by Apple, - 2,5 billion. However, it is possible that after this, the sale will be Samsung Galaxy in the U.S., is a South Korean company could lose billions of dollars in revenue.

In addition, the court found an American company not guilty of patent infringement Samsung, but nevertheless ruled that Samsung did not copy the design of the iPad device in the Galaxy Tab.

It is expected that Samsung will appeal the ruling.

Experts believe that the decision of the California court in the future will benefit from the global industry of gadgets, because force other manufacturers to develop more of its own original technology.

"Now everyone will think twice before borrowing from Apple, - said research director at Gartner Michael Gartenburg. - This will give added impetus to innovate, lead to greater diversity and, in the end, serve the interests of consumers."

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