Saturday, August 25, 2012

App «Find My iPad» helped find the stolen tablet

The owner used Apple's in-built Find My iPad service and his GPS to track down the iPad

According to the offender, the victim had no right to use the application «Find My iPad» to find a lost device within his property.

According to the publication «The Sydney Morning Herald», Australia app «Find My iPad» calculate robber and helped find the stolen tablet.

So, the police asked the owner of the tablet from Apple with a statement about the theft of a digital device. During the investigation, police suspected hit 49-year-old resident of Canberra Alden Harder, who refused to cooperate with the investigation and to provide fingerprints. Suspect's lawyer said that all the evidence against his client were obtained illegally.

According to the investigation, the owner of stolen tablet at once discovered the theft of his iPad, but when he could not find a gadget, use the application «Find My iPad». Device led him to the defendant's property, which he immediately informed the police. After law enforcement officers did not respond to the statement, the victim returned to the house of the suspect, and set the sound notification on the whereabouts of gadget. When the sound began to reach out to the garage of the criminal, the police at his home and searched the garage, in which was found not only stolen the tablet, but also a few notebooks, and an icon of a police officer, stolen back in 2009.

According to Harder, a search of his property was illegal, because the plaintiff had no right to come to his house and "listen to different, drifting out, sounds." The defendant believes that, so the owner of stolen iPad invaded his privacy.

Judgment, the district judge must rule next week.

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