Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hackers broke into the service of the distribution of press releases PR Newswire

American IT journalist and specialist in IT investigations Brian Krebs on his blog CrebsOnSecurity writes that the world's largest service for distributing press releases PRNewswire been hacked in March 2013, but this is not the service itself, and then said it had been jailbroken nothing was not known. Furthermore, Krebs reported that data on breaking PR Newswire stored on the same server under the control of hackers, as the original product codes Adobe Systems, which hackers also gained access to a burglary Adobe.

This arrangement indicates that for the first and for the second operation are the same people. Krebs said he contacted the PR Newswire, outlining them with your data. Operator service acknowledged the hacking and assured IT journalist is that today begins sending alerts to customers about the need to change passwords. However, Krebs notes that after more than 8 months after the break-in this very practical anymore.

He writes that while the investigation of the facts hacking is not yet complete, but initial findings indicate that more than others from breaking PR Newswire affected service commercial customers from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. The blog states that he was unable to identify a single case of use of stolen accounts, but these accounts could theoretically be used to send fake press releases to compromise or manipulation of the price of its shares.

Recall that just last week the markets quite actively responded to the news of the purchase of the Samsung Swedish software developer Fingerprints Cards for $ 650 million. This news is the latest quotes allowed to grow significantly, but an hour after the mailing of fake press release Swedish company was forced to give a rebuttal. 

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