Monday, September 16, 2013

FBI Admits It Controlled Freedom Hosting Tor Servers

The Irish court last week, the FBI acknowledged the United States for the first time that they actually controlled the company - operator Tor- Freedom Hosting services for some time. Previously, a number of independent IT experts suspect the FBI or other U.S. power ministry to use Tor-exploits to control anonymous online transactions.

Eric Marquez, has dual US - Irish citizenship is now trying to fight extradition from Ireland to the United States, where he is accused of four counts related to the spread of pornography on the Internet. Now the Irish court released on bail Marquez . Sam Marquez is accused that he ran a hidden Tor- service Freedom Hosting, which housed the child pornography sites.

According to a report in The Irish Independent, investigation claims that after the first arrest Marquez in late July, he tried to hold a series of manipulations to its leased server, but could not do so because the feds have changed the passwords on the machine. In addition, the independent IT specialists before being arrested the operator freedom Hosting stated that the network arose sided aktvinost associated with the placement of malicious JavaScript.

Now Eric Marques said that the FBI long before his arrest and without a court order came in the data center servers and locally installed on the equipment 's own software for secret eavesdropping. In addition, he said that the FBI could locally set and other equipment for local recording of intercepted data, since no external signs of spyware on the equipment were noted.

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