Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Website The New York Times was incapacitated by hackers

Attackers hacked domain name registrar, provides services NYT, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Ikea and AOL.

Website of Edition The New York Times was disabled on August 27 of this year. Failure of the portal associated with the attack on the Australian domain name registrar - Melbourne IT. At the time of the attack to all employees edition forbidden to send sensitive information via e-mail.

Director of Information Technology NYT Marc Frons said that the failure of the site is the result of an external cyber attacks by the Syrian Electronic Army, or other intruders posing as this hacker group. Initially, in the publication of failure associated with technical problems.

Attack on Melbourne IT not only caused a problem with the site NYT, but with an account in Twitter edition.

H.D. Moore of Rapid7 said that the company was registrar Melbourne IT and other major companies - Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Ikea and AOL. "While there is no evidence that these domains have been hacked, but if hackers found a vulnerability in Melbourne IT, these companies (Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Ikea and AOL) may also be at risk, "- said Moore.

Chester Wisniewski  of Sophos said that the attackers gained access to the systems of the Australian registrar and altered domain name record to redirect traffic from the NYT website to a server belonging to the Syrian electronic army.

Analysis of DNS-records from the time when the site was unavailable NYT indicates that the traffic is redirected to servers located in Moscow and in Syria.

Wisniewski said that Syrian hackers have long demonstrated a tendency to crack the company is not interested in them directly, and through partners and service providers.

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