Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The hacker managed to hack the CNN website

An attacker claims that he published online 4 fake article.

Hacker using the alias on the network Reckz0r, said that he was able to hack a site news agency CNN. The attacker said that he had published a fake article 4, and 9 stolen credentials portal administrators.

Message with information about the burglary was published on Pastebin. Hacker accused the news agency of spreading "false information" deception of millions of people and "pandering to Israel."

According to Reckz0r, CNN intentionally distorts the situation in the Middle East, in particular, about what is happening in Palestine, trying to justify Israel.

The hacker also ridiculed the protection of computer systems CNN, which has allowed him to publish a fake article on the portal. Anyone who finds the publication hacker, he will give a crown and a backup CNN.


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