Thursday, April 11, 2013

Zeroaccess Botnet used to mining the virtual currency Bitcoin

On the Internet is detected ZeroAccess botnet to steal Bitcoin

Cybercriminals could steal millions of dollars through a new botnet ZeroAccess, specializing in stealing virtual online currency Bitcoin. Provider of network security Fortinet notes that ZeroAccess botnet uses a number of techniques, such as "click hijacking" designed to steal virtual money.

In addition, the company's data says that the botnet has become one of the most dangerous in the financial sense for the entire first quarter of 2013. Additional risk attached to this botnet and external economic background, where the value of virtual money Bitcoin is breaking all records and for 1 Bitcoin give more than $ 200.

It is reported that the botnet gathers customers using multiple malware, some of which focused on the operating system Android. For example, in the last quarter just two Android-Trojan - Android.NewyearL.B and Android.Plankton.B responsible for this surge in botnet clients.

In Fortinet said that for the first time in the view of experts, this botnet came at the very beginning of the year and since then, its activity gradually increased. According to the latest online now, there are about 3 million unique IP-addresses, and over the past 90 days botnet received nearly 20 software updates to improve stability and withdrawal from detection. In Fortinet say that all of these factors suggest that the botnet is actively supported and developed a group of interested persons.

According to the authors of the report, if the creators of botnets actively abducted virtual money, their daily income can be up to $ 100 000. As the exchange rate of Bitcoin income criminals can grow confident Fortinet.

The company also does not rule out that some of the clients of the creators ZeroAccess scored by the recent malicious code distributed via Skype.

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