Friday, April 5, 2013

Two largest Japanese Internet portals became victims of hackers

Two largest Japanese Internet portal this week were victims of hackers who have compromised at least 100,000 user accounts and stole some of the financial data of customers.

Japan's largest portal, owned operator NTT said that he had been attacked by hackers, saying that "some" of user accounts in the hands of unauthorized persons. GOO also said that he had to reset the login information for a minimum of 100,000 accounts whenever possible to protect data bank card customers from the leak.

Web portal reported that he had carried out against so-called "dictionary attacks", the attackers used a fairly powerful system, picks up to 30 passwords per second to hundreds of accounts simultaneously. More information GOO not disclose.

Also on Tuesday night portal Yahoo Japan said that the malicious code was found on several web company, and tried to steal the code information 1,270,000 users of the portal, but he was stopped by administrators and information do not have time to leave the Internet company.

At the moment, nothing points to the connection of the two incidents.

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