Monday, March 18, 2013

Internet scammers promise Google Glass

Security experts are warning users and administrators that the new electronic glasses Google Glass can be a real platform for fraud.

In the British antivirus company Sophos say that these glasses can be not only a tool for espionage, but the very fact of their existence has become an occasion for fraudulent campaign.

Sophos experts say the discovery of a network of fraudulent sites, the owners of which offers visitors a pre-order for Google Glass. Naturally, the customers do not score any points either immediately after receiving the order, or later. Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, said that the company also revealed a wave of spam from China, which the organizers claimed that taking pre-orders for Google Glass. Led on by spam scams sites that provided details on the electronic glasses.

According to Cluley, fraudulent websites have been made attractive enough: there was a lot of material about the glasses, examples of their use, the data on a technical stuffing, automated order and payment. Fraudsters claim that Google Glass glasses themselves are $ 1500 (which is true), but for those who want to get them later, now we need to make a deposit of $ 500 (which is not true).

Recall that Google itself has also recently opened pre-orders for Glass, but Google does not collect $ 500 in the tester. It is expected that the final release will develop by the end of the year.

In the blog Sophos it is noted that electronic glasses of the Internet company caused unexpectedly high interest in IT community, than cyber swindlers decided to use. The company also urged users not to order the experimental products on sites that are not directly related to the original manufacturer. "The interest in Google Glass is not reduced and we do not exclude new fraud campaigns related to Glass", - said Cluley.


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