Monday, March 11, 2013

For Android is written 79% of mobile malicious programs

Finnish antivirus vendor F-Secure published a report according to which in 2012 open source operating system Android has shown rapid growth not only in popularity, but by the number of produced malware.

In 2012, Android has become a target for 79% of produced malicious software. A year earlier the rate was 65%.

Only in the fourth quarter, the share of Android had 96 brand new viral families, and with the variants of malicious codes, the number of new threats in the hundreds. F-Secure notes that in the last quarter of 2012, the most popular Android-malware are various codes that perform certain operations with SMS-messaging and premium SMS-numbers. Of the 96 new families of 21 was focused on the secret SMS messages sent to short numbers.

Are also gaining popularity among virusopisataley and relatively new SMS-malicious programs, which themselves create short messages and use social engineering to mislead users and in some way to force him to make a payment to the fraudsters. Also quite popular are the malicious code steals mobile banking details and pass them to the background fraudsters.

Somehow to reduce the risk, F-Secure advises users to regularly update their Android-devices, and regularly update anti-virus software and scan your system for the presence of malicious code in the smartphone.

Second only in popularity among Android malware was a system Symbian, which accounted for 19% of infections, compared with 29% last year. In F-Secure said that the fall in the number of malicious programs due to fall in the most popular Symbian.

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