Sunday, February 17, 2013

Japanese police arrested the alleged creator of the "virus-terrorist"

Japanese authorities arrested the alleged creator of the malware spread on bulletin boards and e-mail box of the various organizations and individual Internet users in Japan ads and emails with threats of kidnapping and terrorist acts. The threat spoke on behalf of the people infected with malicious information kompyuterov.Po Bangkok Post, the police suspect the virus to create a 30-year resident of Tokyo, Yusuke Katayama.

 Law enforcement authorities in Japan have discovered a malicious program in October last year, after the arrest of the owners of several computers that allegedly were sent threatening texts. In the sent text containing the threat of terrorist attacks in the shopping center, threats to blow up the plane, received one of the airlines, as well as threats to the royal family, in particular, the threat of a terrorist attack in the schools attended by members of the imperial family.

In December 2012, the media reported that the Japanese police are looking for a man well versed in the programming language C #. Then it became known that the anonymous publication of texts from online threats, the suspect uses a method called "Syberian Post Office".

Japanese authorities have announced a reward of $ 36,000 for any information that would allow to catch the creator of the virus. Earlier Japanese authorities offered similar remuneration only for information about people wanted on suspicion of murder and arson.

The hacker had given law enforcement help, which enabled them to go on his trail, inviting them to play a game. Find the cat in one of the islands near Tokyo. Cat on the collar was a memory card containing, as it turned out, the code of the "virus-terrorist".

After analyzing the content of the card, as well as materials from the closest to the findings of surveillance cameras, the police got on the trail Katayama and arrested him.

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