Friday, February 8, 2013

F-Secure Client Security 10

F-Secure Client Security 10 - updated antivirus from Finland

Company F-Secure, which specializes in fighting viruses, released a new version of its product F-Secure Client Security 10 for safety of individual jobs in the workplace. This antivirus is designed to help organizations to protect their systems against threats from cyber space. An important innovation of the package F-Secure Client Security 10 is to use the latest version of a corporate mechanism to detect and eliminate viruses DeepGuard 4.

Another important difference between the new version of F-Secure Client Security 10 - Full support for Windows 8, so that the companies that are planning to transfer to a new client platform from Microsoft, will be able to use the solution F-Secure, without fear of compatibility issues.

Centralized management also did not go unnoticed Finnish developers. Client Security package instance 10 can be fully controlled from a single console, which is implemented in the new version of the module F-Secure Policy Manager.

Pekka Usva, Vice President of F-Secure for corporate security, said separately that the loss-virus companies are expressed not only in the cost of the cleanup of viruses, but in the fall of productivity, loss of information, investigations and take measures after the incident. As a result, if the virus go undetected in your network, the threat is becoming more dangerous with each passing day, so that even an extra percentage of detected viruses can save huge amounts of money.

More about antivirus F-Secure Client Security Management Console 10 and F-Secure Policy Manager for Windows and Linux can be found on the manufacturer's website at:

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