Monday, January 14, 2013

Microsoft has released an emergency patch for Internet Explorer

After Oracle which has let out emergency updating for Java, the Microsoft corporation let out urgent updating for the Internet Explorer browser where vulnerability which was used actively by hackers at commission of a number of target attacks to computers in a public sector of the various countries was eliminated. Hotfix for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, where it is already placed in the automatic system updates, which will allow most modern Windows users automatically get it.

Dustin Childs, manager of the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing, said that the fix is ​​a given priority because of the increased risk of a bug, and the fact that these attacks have been conducted on people and corporations are known cases of infection with malware number of government systems through a vulnerability in the Internet Explorer.

Microsoft says that the latest version of Internet Explorer 9, and 10 have higher security systems and this bug it basically is not terrible, but for these browsers will later fix is ​​to close the vector danger.

More information about the bug, available at:

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