Saturday, January 12, 2013

In Europe new department on counteraction to online fraud is created

Police Office of the European Union yesterday officially opened a new cyber-department, whose task will be to fight online crime in the broadest sense of the anti-fraud online banking to catch online pedophiles. EC3 division or European CyberCrime Centre officially opened today at headquarters quartile of Europol in The Hague.

Cecilia Malmström European Commissioner for Internal Security, said that in Europe and worldwide cybercrime is experiencing its golden age and the establishment of such national and international security agencies designed to somehow curb cybercrime. According to her, now, online criminals are almost always one step ahead of the police, especially when it comes to imagination and cooperation.

According to estimates of Europol, only in the past year as a result of actions of cybercriminals Europeans suffered direct loss of 1.5 billion euros. Some success has already been achieved by the cooperation of the national police agencies of different countries, but while law enforcement officers are still far from defeating online criminals.

In the nearest time the unit will EC3 tracking so-called darknet - a community of underground resources, where criminals communicate, buy and sell malware and recruit participants to commit unlawful acts. In addition, EC3 will explore the market of malicious software and analyze the online banking systems.

In the same year EC3 going to agree on cooperation with other police departments around the world.


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