Wednesday, January 9, 2013

GMER 2.0 - a free utility to detect rootkits on Windows-based systems

The new version of the application GMER 2.0, a small but very useful tool to detect the hard disk of a computer for hidden  dangerous applications - rootkits.

As explained by the developers, their product will help professionals easily find traces of malicious activity, not seen by other means of protection. Including GMER can explore the hidden files, processes and system services. Users can also download timely detection of suspicious drivers and libraries, to track changes made to the registry, monitor active network connections and perform other routine tasks.

The key enhancements in the new version of GMER, is full support for 64-bit versions of Windows. Now the benefits of the product and the owners will appreciate the powerful modern computers. Supported platforms also includes newly made Windows 8.

For signs of malicious activity Attention is invited to a new option 'Trace I / O'. Many computer owners are familiar with previous versions of the product, remember that the system scan using GMER had previously been a very lengthy operation. Maybe you'll like the new scan mode 'Quick Scan', in which the utility will put GMER analysis only key areas of the system and after a few minutes will report on the findings. However, do not forget that many of the hidden threats can be detected only during a full scan.

The application interface has not changed compared to the previous version, which in this case is not a compliment. GMER still can not boast intuitive controls and a detailed help documentation, and maintains its status as a tool targeted at power users and professionals.

A newer version of GMER 2.0 can be downloaded from the developer -

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