Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sticky Password Pro 6.0 - Promotion (free license)

Sticky Password Pro 6.0 - a free license

Sticky Password – the only password manager and form filler you´ll need

Sticky Password Pro - a complete password manager. He will give you strong passwords for Web sites, applications, and many more features. Create, organize, and secure storage of strong passwords now conveniently than ever.

Unlike the free version of Sticky Password FREE, Sticky Password Manager

Sticky Password - Product Comparison

Password Pro includes a full set of features:

Main features of Sticky Password Pro

  •  Automatic login and form filling. Save time and stay protected online.
  •  Portable version. Take your database with you on a USB storage media, no matter where go.
  •  Personal notes. Keep safe all information in an encrypted database.
  •  Unlimited number of accounts. Manage your accounts for websites and applications.
  •  Secure online shopping. Shop online with one click.
  •  iPhone version. Your valuable personal information is now available for iPhone.
  •  Grouping accounts. Organize your accounts.
  •  Log Bluetooth. Tie your Bluetooth device for quick access to your data.
  •  Professional support. Access to professional support services throughout the world.

To receive a free license Sticky Password Pro, follow these steps:

1. Go to promo

2. Fill out the form with your data
Using the coupon code: CPTRBD-254F27-0A7E79-C8A76B

3. The license key you get to the provided email address.

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