Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Potential effectiveness of BlackHole more than 2 times

Exploit for version 7 Java BlackHole increased efficiency up to 25%

After it was reported there in version 7 Java vulnerabilities two zero-day, malware developers package BlackHole turned into a commercial version of its product exploit allowing cyberhawks use these vulnerabilities to their advantage. The researchers note that this exploit has increased the potential effectiveness of BlackHole more than 2 times.

According to specialists Seculert, a good set of exploits like BlackHole, usually has success rate (infected computers in contact with the server, infected BlackHole) about 10%. However, studies have shown that after the integration of the new Java-exploit BlackHole success rate rose to 25%.

The company notes that the recent victims of the updated BlackHole tens of thousands of computers. Mostly, his victims were users of Internet Explorer and Firefox. The greatest number of infected computers registered in Russia and neighboring countries, as well as in the U.S..

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