Saturday, August 25, 2012

Microsoft has patented technology total surveillance

Microsoft has patented technology total surveillance for people

Microsoft has patented technology Life Streaming, which can continuously record the important events in life.

Microsoft has patented technology Life Streaming, which allows you to monitor anyone. The official purpose of the development of this technology is the "instant impressions". It is reported CNews referring to the U.S. Patent Office.

"The development of low-cost technologies to capture images allowed users to record many of the events in his life. But the process of recording, usually requires special actions - in particular, the angle of the shot. You also need to know when to start filming ", - stated in the application.

The software giant has offered to create a special unit "to record life" which will constantly record the events of life in the form of video and audio content.

Created by this recorder can automatically group, indexed and stored for future use. Preservation of the "records of Life" will allow the device to search within, as his memory, and external drives. This functionality is designed to allow users to share experiences.

Certain embodiments of the patented technology can automatically analyze the generated records and transfer them to other similar devices. This should give users the ability to instantly tell about important moments of his life.

In addition to the transfer of "records of life" to the devices of other users, these entries will also be exposed to the servers Microsoft. The proliferation of such systems can be a convenient tool for total and round the clock surveillance of people.

Total surveillance for people
Total surveillance for people

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