Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Norton 360 Multi-Device

Symantec has released the program for information security Norton 360 Multi-Device, one box with the product allows you to protect  at the same time up to five devices on the platform of Windows, iOS and Android.

Norton 360 Multi-Device is designed to protect the devices on different platforms: PC running Windows and OS X, smartphones and tablets iOS and Android. A single license of Symantec extends to five devices. Management of complex protection through an account in the "cloud" system management Norton Management.

According to Symantec, the world of every 10 mobile phones purchased three devices are lost or stolen. With this in mind, the new product provides a backup system that allows you to transfer stored data from one gadget to another, thereby restoring their data after the theft or loss.

Norton 360 Multi-Device can perform automatic backups of data from connected devices in the company's cloud - the maximum size of data per user is 25 GB and a cloud system can protect at the same time the 5 different devices of the owner. Security for mobile devices by means of Norton 360 Multi-Device allows rightful owner remotely turn on "Siren", when the gadget was stolen. Lost or stolen gadget can be found on the received GPS coordinates to them or to the geopositioning networks 3G/4G.

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Norton 360 Multi-Device promotional clip

Norton 360 Multi-Device has the same technology as its predecessor. In particular, parental controls, automatic backup and system optimization, protection against identity theft and many others.

In addition, the new antivirus can work not only on home computers on the operating system Windows, but on the Mac, and mobile devices on the Android platform and iOS.

Norton 360 Multi-Device is now available in retail stores at the price of $ 69.99 USD.

More information about the new product available at site norton.com/norton-360-multi-device.
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