Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hackers attack European companies, using the Trojan Shadesrat

Attackers are beginning attack of a phone call to one of the company's employees.

Symantec Experts warned the European institutions about the new wave of hacker attacks. It is known that during the attack to apply advanced techniques of social engineering. According to available information, the victims of cyber criminals have become, at least 14 French companies. In addition, similar attacks were recorded in Romania and Luxembourg.

Experts from Symantec claim that attacks begin with a phone call to one of the company's employees. In conversation, he is informed of the invoice to be sent to him by e-mail.

Actually sent the file is a modification of a Trojan RAT-Shadesrat. Once on the victim's computer, the virus allows attackers to access sensitive data that will allow them to connect to the bank accounts of the company.

Information collected Shadesrat, can also be used cyberhawks for new attacks using social engineering tactics.


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