Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trojans in torrents of a TV series of Game of Thrones

Most recently, the website TorrentFreak reported that the premiere episode of the third television series Game of Thrones was the most popular pirated files in history.

On the first day after the release was made more than a million downloads. However, do not rush to download the files, because they can be unpleasant surprises.

Experts warn that such records immediately attract the unwanted attention of cyber criminals who may hasten to add to video file unpleasant software. Security experts warn readers of PC Mag, that embed malicious code in the video is extremely difficult, but cyber-criminals can use other tactics to trick users.

For example, they can keep malicious code inside archived files or distribute videos that require for their play a certain codec. But under that same codec can be disguised malware.

Another popular tactic burglars - the use of so-called password-protected files. Members are asked to visit the website or send unsolicited requests to specific addresses to get the password. In this email may be used for phishing, and from websites to your computer can get malware.

Note that the Game of Thrones - is not the only show that suffers from hackers. Almost every second release for trekkers necessarily accompanied by dozens of fake releases that are full of malicious software.

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