Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New scheme of phishing attacks on Facebook users

Experts have identified a new scheme of phishing attacks on Facebook users

  According to available information, cybercriminals are using a new scheme of phishing attacks on users Facebook. According to The Hacker News, cybercriminals use specially created page verification, placed them on the site

Potential victims are asked to link [https_://], ostensibly to verify Facebook account. In fact, the victims of cybercriminals get to a phishing site. Filling out a special form of "verification", they pass their credentials Facebook accounts criminals then redirect victims to legitimate page "Terms and Conditions Facebook".

  Experts point out that the particular danger of this scheme is that many users Facebook, often without much hesitation, comply with requests of this kind.

According to available information, the malicious application is hosted on a domain, which has SSL certificate issued by GeoTrust.

  Experts advise victims of cybercrime immediately change the password for the Facebook account.

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