Sunday, March 17, 2013

Experts revealed the new phishing campaign aimed at clients of AOL

Hoax Slayer unveils new phishing campaign against AOL users. This time, the victims do not tempt cyberhawks "security updates" and "warn" them about the infection virusom.Potentsialnye cyberhawks victims usually receive emails entitled: "Customer Care Solution." Phishing links within emails are usually accompanied by the following text:

"A TJ2117 Virus has been detected in your folders. Login Here to Switch to the new Secure TJ2117 anti virus 2013. Thank you for choosing our service. "

"In your folders virus detected - TJ2117. Keep a username and password here (link) to go to the new secure antivirus Secure TJ2117 anti virus 2013. Thank you for using our service. "

Those who come across the bait scammers and clicks on a link, get on a fake login page of AOL, where they are asked to enter a username and password.

Authorized on the fake login page redirect victims to a legitimate site AOL, apparently in order not to arouse suspicion.

Experts advise victims of cybercrime immediately change your password to access your account.


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