Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Known edition 4 months opposed cyberattacks

Hackers from China for four months attacked the newspaper The New York Times and its staff, the publication reported on January 30. The attacks began in late October 2012, immediately after the article of the wealth of the family of Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

Attackers hacked emails head offices of the newspaper Shanghai David Barboza, wrote on the income of the Prime Minister of China, as well as the head office The New York Times in South Asia Jim Yardley. Yardley previously headed the representative publications in Beijing.

The newspaper notes that the hackers tried to find sources, reported revenue of Wen Jiabao. Specialists hired The New York Times, found no evidence that the hackers gained access to emails or files associated with this publication.

In search of information on sources of income Article premier attackers also hacked personal computers 53 employees The New York Times. In this case, the hackers did not steal any customer information publications.

Professionals employed by the newspaper, said that the attacks were carried out at pre-compromised computers at American universities. According to them, the same computer previously used by the Chinese military for attacks on U.S. military contractors. The Minister of National Defense of China called the accusations of Chinese military in carrying out cyber attacks "unprofessional" and "baseless."

Recall that in late October, The New York Times began a series of publications on family income Wen Jiabao. They, in particular, the family's fortune was estimated at Chinese premier $ 2.7 billion. After the release of the first material, China has blocked access to the English and Chinese versions of the newspaper's website.

Even for a single article of this series on The New York Times sued the second largest insurer Ping An Insurance. In addition, China has not renewed for 2013 edition visa correspondent Chris Buckley, in connection with which he had to leave the country.

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