Monday, February 4, 2013

Kaspersky Internet Security vs Windows 8 Defender

AV-Test: Kaspersky Internet Security vs Windows 8 Defender

In December 2012 an independent research laboratory AV-Test conducted a comparative analysis of the new Kaspersky Internet Security and safety components that are built into the operating system Windows 8, to determine the effectiveness of anti-malware software.

The product "Kaspersky Lab" for home users - Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 was almost perfect, while the results of integrated Microsoft solutions were much more modest.

To test experts AV-Test produced a "clean" image of the operating system Windows 8 Pro, which was used on a number of identical machines. Before the test, each new malware sample test system back to its original (pure) state. On each of the computers were installed or security software "Kaspersky Lab", or solution Windows Defender 4. Both products are used with default settings set by default. Protective Products had Internet access and could use a "cloud" as a part of its defense strategy, but the malware also had the opportunity to connect to a "cloud" / Internet access to other sites and download further files to infect the system. In this case, measures were taken to ensure safe access malware samples in the "cloud" to prevent the risk of contamination of test systems.

In the study, there were four separate tests - testing in "real" terms (dynamic), two static test to determine the level of malware detection and a static test on the number of false positives. Kaspersky Internet Security has blocked all malicious URL-address as well as attachments to e-mail, and found 99% of malware, while preventing any false positives. Security components of Windows 8 missed 11.9% of the attacks and were able to detect only 90% of malware samples. Like Kaspersky Internet Security, Microsoft's decision to not allow any false positives. This proves that the products that demonstrate a high level of malware detection and a high degree of protection, can work without any false positives.

Significant differences in the test results Kaspersky Internet Security and Protection Components Windows 8 suggest that Windows Defender and security functions, implemented in the company's decision Microsoft, provide only basic protection. At a time when the daily emergence of 200,000 new malware samples, home users need much more experienced and reliable solution - Kaspersky Internet Security.

"The introduction of additional antivirus protection in the new operating system Windows 8 will definitely have a positive impact on the degree of security of the system, - says Nikita Shvetsov, Head of threat research" Kaspersky Lab. - However, an AV-Test study clearly demonstrated that today these tools is not enough to fully protect users against new and unknown malware - the most important of contemporary cyber threats. A really high level of security provides a new Kaspersky Internet Security, which is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.

Windows 8 Malware Protection Test Report (Pdf) Here

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