Monday, December 24, 2012

Symantec announced the new intelligent malware

Symantec today announced new intellectual malicious programs created by hackers to steal information. Under the threat of computers running on OS Windows, and Mac OS, and mobile devices.

Experts report that the virus has the unique ability to spread, in particular, and in the virtual machine, if the respective virtualization software installed on your computer.

There is speculation that it was created by programmers from Italy as a tool for conducting private investigations or espionage, including audio recording and theft of information from address books.

Recently, experts are studying the threats detected OSX.Crisis and highbrow W32.Crisis - virus spyware, simultaneously using a set of vectors of infection and information theft schemes.

Symantec experts believe that this is the first virus to infect guest virtual machines after the infection of the host. Of the functions of theft should be especially noted steal information from social networks Twitter and Facebook, as well as Web-mail service Gmail.

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