Friday, November 23, 2012

Facebook - changes to Privacy Policy

Regulators want to test the new rules provide users with data for compliance with European law.

Irish regulators have demanded that the administration of the social network Facerbook immediately explained the changes of security policy.

Under the new rules, which the administration of the social network announced on Wednesday, November 21, customers can get more detailed information on their own data, stored on the servers of the social network, including more control messages and reminders.

According to news agency Bloomberg, the Irish representative control agencies Gary Davis sent to the office of social networks demand for an immediate explanation of the new rules. "If the proposed changes require a certain agreement with the EU, we will demand that Facebook had agreed on a new policy of confidentiality" - sends the publication to the expert.

Recall that the Irish office Facebook is responsible for all users of social networks in the European Union.

As representatives of the social network, they are in regular contact with the regulators, and we intend to do everything necessary to ensure that these relations continue to be transparent. Obviously, under such statements involve preparing a response to the demand departments.


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